Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Kiwis are small kiwis are big kiwis are brown kiwis are white
I love kiwis and so can you there are cute and endangered so please save them keep
The pests away from them so there can be alive today and600-2012-06-13_0939_001.jpg forever please
Help them with me don’t cut down the trees these are the animals and other staff that kill them
Stoats,weasels,cats,dogs,fire,rats,possums,and pigs
I see the sparkling river drift upstream
I hear people screaming and yelling with laughter
I smell  fresh seaweed drifting down the river
I taste the clean water it tastes like seaweed
I feel scared and excited at the same time
I wonder will it turn out good in the end
I see people slide down the big rock with happy faces on
I hear splashing noises from in front of me
I smell wet sand i walk across it
I taste rocks in my mouth they taste funny
I feel excited but I did slide down the big rock
I wonder will i do it next time
I found i will do it next time

Monday, 11 April 2016

My mimi
Tena koa
Tena koatoa
Ko Florence Porcer ahau
No london ahau
Ko hampstead
ko thames
Ko hnps te kure
Kei te mihi
Tena tatou katou

my kiwi art