Sunday, 21 May 2017

We have been working on a new maths task called algebraic equations and we had to work out how many mermaids there were also fish and octopuses. After that we made our equation by using counters, shapes and beans there were 3 but the fish and octopuses had both 4 and we figured it out by making fish mermaids and octopuses. THIS IS HOW WE WORKED IT OUT!
At the cafe there are 23 people.

some tables  have 5 people.
some tables have 2 people.

 There are 7 tables. 
All the tables are full how many of each size table? 

this is how we worked it out( look above)
Key=​ the shapes are the tables and the beans are the people At the cafe there are 23 people.

Dear Room 4,
How are you all? I am good, it is nice and hot here. It is probably cold there. I am sitting in a train writing this blog. I was going to tell you about my holiday so far. I will try to remember most days but some might be left out

13th June
We left Napier and went to Auckland and at the airport I met some girls at the kids area and we made friends then we had to go on the plane to Hong Kong.

14th June
We landed in hong kong it was very very hot ,we arrived at the hotel, we walked to our room and we had a cat nap, and when we woke up we got ready and drove to Hong Kong Disneyland. We found a map, we said we would go to Fantasyland first. We had to wait for the train and once the train was here, we went on the mad hatter's  teacups. We went round and round in circles and very very fast. Mum felt sick, so we had to slow down. Next we went on Dumbo the flying elephant and we went very high. A bit later we walked over to the horse merrygoround. Next we saw a amazing show it was a 3d film, it was so real you could smell the food and feel the water droplets and then Donald Duck came flying through the room and landed in the wall behind us some people ducked when he came though he fell into the stable

for my new glasses but had to wait until they were ready. And also went to marks and Spencer's to buy some clothes 15th June
We all flew to the uk England  I watched lots of movies like zootopia ,and big hero 6 went to sleep and listened to music.

16th June
We landed in England   and I felt tired and happy at the same time. I felt like I was home.

17th of June  woke up in my Auntie’s  house in the middle of the night I heard the Owls hooting outside I knew I was in England. We drove into Bury st Edmund and got some lenses .

18th June we went back back to bury and we walked past the market then we did some other things that I can’t remember we drove back to the house and me and Christian and my cousin Amelia made a iMovie the unknown princess  1,2,3,4.

n Amelia’s electric scooter it was quite scary for me then we went back inside for dinner.

20th June woke up watched some thing on the tv then waited until someone came down the stairs. Then ate breakfast then we went to bury again it was raining and we had to run from the car park to vision express the glasses shop to Pick up my new glasses and lenses because my eyesight is goth a little better that is great news when we finished mum and I went shopping for clothes for summer for France.

21st I drove to London with my family in a rental car to see my friend Amelie and to see all our friends in London very exciting     
19th June it was my Aunt's birthday, we woke up and gave her presents to her in bed and then we got ready and went to this posh restaurant called the ploughmans Pub. Once we had finished eating we went over to the field and chated while walking. Was warm sunny I felt happy to be around with my English family. That afternoon was Claire at home and I played on our i pads.

That's it for now until I send the second half.

From Florence

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Triathlon - Writing


Waiting at the sideline
cheering for my friends
As they run past me.
Running as fast as their little legs could take them.

then it's the swimming
off they are  swimming
splash splash splash!!! goes the water on their faces
my partner is coming soon
i just a have to wait a little more
be patient i say inside myself

here she is running in,
she tags me,
off i go pedaling as fast as my little legs could take me
my arms are pricking me
it really hurts
i cycle round and round in circles people beating me,
a see people skid off their bikes.
I get nervous but i keep going really fast my arms are aching ouch! ouch! ouch!  I say in my brain  
my legs are moving as fast as bullets flying through the air
the air is fine
it is not grey or blue it is in the middle  
my friends have bet me
oh no i am coming last
my mom is cheering me on
same as my friends and other family members
i smile back to them
they all wave and shout out to me like go flo,
keep going only a little bit more,
don’t stop,
come on you can do this
nice work
go faster
stand up on your seat

By Florence Porcer

File:Field and Sky.jpg  
Andy Warhol art i did watermelon

Friday, 14 October 2016

If I was a horse

If I was a horse I would be that one galloping through a field of lavender  
And nae my head off to the crowds as they cheer me on as I go over the jumps
They are as high as the clouds and as hard as driving a spaceship
I would sleep standing up and give birth sitting down and i would teach the baby to jump and tell her the story that I did when i was younger and she would dream about when she would do that. If I was a horse that’s the one I would be.