Monday, 21 August 2017

Dear Mr Reed

Florence here. I am writing today because I am trying to persuade you that we need a climbing wall in our school. Firstly it will be fun and the kids will enjoy it. And secondly if people are lonely or bored they can make friends on it, as well as having fun. Do you want us to make new friends and have fun? Please for goodness sakes we need to have fun we are kids! Did you know that 95% percent of children are sometimes are lonely and have no friends?

Yours Sincerely

Florence Porcer  
my holiday 5th July 2017 We left Napier and went to Auckland. At the airport lounge, i met some girls at the kid’s area and we played then we had to go on the plane to LAX. 6th july 2017 We landed in Los Angeles,it was very hot, we had to go on a shuttle to the Sheraton hotel where we had a catnap. When we woke up, we got ready to go to town for a bit of shopping and something to eat and some ice cream. I had a mango sorbet and sour sweets i loved it so much. 7th july 2017 We all flew to the UK England. In the plane, i watched lots of movies like bride wars and tooth fairy,then i went to sleep and listened to music. We landed in England and I felt tired and happy at the same time. I felt like I was home. First we rented a car and then drove to my godfather's house to see him and our friend Philipo. They are from Italy. We played hide and seek and Nerth wars and spies before we left his house and drove to our aunt's house that was one hour and 40 mins away. The next day, we woke up at my Auntie’s house in the middle of the night. I heard the Owls hooting outside and the bats flapping their wings. I knew I was in England. In the morning we went to marks and Spencer's to buy some clothes and also went to the toy shop and sweet shop. 1oth july 2017 We drove to London with my dad and brother to see my friend Amelie and all my friends from my school in London. I was very excited. We met at a pub and they were all waiting outside the restaurant for us to arrive.I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. That evening, we had dinner at my uncle's house in Windsor. (Windsor Castle is home to the Queen’s summer palace) and slept at my god’s mother place in Richmond. On the Monday we went back to London and Tuesday to Wednesday we went to Legoland also in Windsor. WOW What a place!!! Let me tell you all about it. Legoland is a family theme park It's got lots and lots of rides and entertainment. Restaurants,rides,hotels,cafes,and shows Now i should being first off soon as you arrive you see a big green dragon looking down on you breathing fire made out of Lego [not a real of course]. The first thing we did was check in At the knight castle. Their was two hotels but the knight castle was brand new so we choose that one. The next thing we did was go to the theme park. We went on lots of rides like Mia’s horse ride and others i will tell you a bit later ok. It was so fun you sat in a horse and went round in circles and up and down really fast. It was so high and going so fast i felt butterflies in my stomach. Now i can tell you about the other rides and what the towns names are. next ride i went on was the dragon ride it was a rollercoaster. It was so fun really fun. Now i will you show you and tell you the towns there was [legoland map] the beginning,imagination centre,duplo valley,lego city,adventure land, heartlake city,kingdom of the pharaohs,pirate shores,nexo knights kingdom,ninjago world,land of the vikings,and miniland. If you like legos this is the place to go!!! Back in London, the fun continued with a sleep over at my friend’s house Maya where a bunch of us stayed for the night. We played and watch a movie. The next morning, I met with my friend Daisy who had been ill for a while.It was lovely to see her and her sister. The next day, it was our trip to france to see my French family. We arrived in Menton (south of France on the border with Italy) just in time for Bastille Day fireworks to celebrate the French revolution. What a bang and sparkle of colours!!! In france i spent a lot of time with my cousins at the beach swimming,and having ice cream and going to restaurants. I also went to provence not with them though. Provence is a wonderful place full of lavender fields and daffodils our friends the bowers had a house out there so we stayed there and swam in the big pool that was the end of my big trip.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

At the cafe there are 23 people.

some tables  have 5 people.
some tables have 2 people.

 There are 7 tables. 
All the tables are full how many of each size table? 

this is how we worked it out( look above)
Key=​ the shapes are the tables and the beans are the people At the cafe there are 23 people.